Where do I start?

I mean it.

For real who is going to believe me that after 2 weeks of blogging on a daily basis and full of enthusiasm I haven’t fallen back into my good old self of blogging once every two months? Well actually I haven’t been lazy but rather quite frustrated over the past two weeks. My computer’s hard drive failed me and after trying everything out for a couple of days I finally decided that I wasn’t able to resolve the problem by myself and that I had to revert to skilled technicians to get my laptop back in working condition. In a moment where my computer did accept to reboot I was able to make a copy of my files, which I latter found out, wasn’t complete. Luckily for me I didn’t loose that much.

I realized how heavily I relied on internet and my computer. I do spend a LOT of time surfing the web: I look for pictures to use in posts, I read other blogs that inspire me, I look for trends, I create my post drafts on line in WP, I create my image collage on line, just to name a few. And suddenly all I had was my iphone, which as great as it is, is only a phone. I did create drafts of posts that I published in a private manner thinking that I would update them afterwards but at this point I have a backlog of two weeks which is just a lot to catch up on. So I will simply resume posting from today on. Nothing is always perfect.  As someone very close to me says quite often:”So what? Shit happens”.

For the future I really need to find alternative ways of working in case this happens again. Not posting is simply not possible as I wish to be consistent.

I thank you so much for your patience and for your understating !


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