What’s next for Emerald Green Interiors?

I’ve been quite absent around the blog. Fact is I have been busy working on a clients proposal for a complete flat renovation in the heart of Madrid. I don’t know yet if my offer will be chosen but I certainly worked hard on it to offer interesting ideas to optimize a small attic space that needs a lot of it. This project has already taken a particular meaning for me. Not only does it entail everything from reformatting completely a flat and managing contractors, which will be a new and challenging task for me, to furnishing and decorating it completely to have it rented to tourists. What makes it so special is that this project will potentially be my first in Madrid.

I launched Emerald Green Interiors in 2010 a year after the birth of my first son and had the immense opportunity to work on a large scale residential project in Saudi Arabia for one of my husband’s MBA co-student as he had pitched my business to his class. Saying that he was instrumental in the launch of my business is quite inaccurate. Over the years it took to launch my business and since then he has been my strongest supporter, boosting my self-esteem, challenging my actions and questioning the way I thought. A daunting task really with someone like me who always refused introspection. I owe him a lot.

When we moved to Brussels, Emerald Green Interiors survived mainly through the existence of the blog, while I was gaining hands-on experience working for nearly two years for Farrow & Ball both in the showroom and as the showroom’s in house color consultant.

We relocated a little over four months ago to Madrid and at this point I asked myself about what I would do. Even though I hadn’t worked on a huge amount of projects or with dozens of clients, Emerald Green Interiors had taken a very important place in my life and I just knew then that I wanted to take it a step further. So instead of looking for excuses to delay or to avoid taking steps for my business, I started to look for solutions and I found them. It might have or not to do with the fact that I am nearing forty. On February 1st, three months after our arrival in Madrid my status as a freelancer was formalized. So here I am, relaunching my business in a country whose language I barely speak yet, taking all the necessary steps to get known, to market my services and to find clients. It is a lot of work and very scary at times but the challenge is so worth it. I am the lucky mother of two wonderful boys and wife to a very special husband and it’s about time I show them what I can achieve. Because today I have the confidence to say that the question is not about whether I’ll achieve my goals but in what time frame I will. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so alive and empowered and it’s a great feeling.

So wish me luck! I certainly hope that I will be able to realize this upcoming project. Below is a mood board I created after seeing the apartment which has a terrace overlooking the roofs of Madrid. I felt that the blue grey and the terracotta colors of the city would work wonderfully mixed with a lot of white and raw materials, to create a relaxing and elegant setting mixed with typical Spanish accents such as the encaustic tiles.

Emerald Green Interiors Madraid flat mood board

How do you feel about this combination? I hope I haven’t bored you today with my life story but what’s the point of a blog if it’s owner never shares any personal insight in its content. I wish you a wonderful week and look forward to coming back soon. Igor and Judith have a new #Urbanjunglebloggers styling exercise going on and I certainly want to participate even if I am behind schedule. I wish you a great day!

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  • Hi Corrine, I just wanted to wish you all the best with your new venture. I’m so excited for you and I hope it all goes well with the client. The moodboard is wonderful. I loved reading about your story, I feel I know you a little better. xDorisReplyCancel

  • Corinne: Not at all! I think the personal stories are what make a blog. I tend to pull back and be business like on the blog, until my “editor” aka daughter (!) says no, put more of yourself into it. As Holly says, if you write from the heart, it will speak for you.
    I think your story is amazing! I can’t imagine doing what you have done with two small children plus a move. And yes, husbands can, in a sense, make or break a wife/woman’s business. I’ve seen those who give no support at all and it’s such a hardship on the wife and her business. My husband, like yours, catches me when I fall short and is always there for support.
    Anyway…. you are doing an amazing job on all fronts and I admire you!ReplyCancel

  • Hi Corinne

    This are great news! I wish you all the best for your projects! I think we should take the opportunities life offers to us even if they need courage and more effort.

    I like your blog very much. It’s so inspirational for me. Hope you will show more of your lovely work. I left my comfort zone (did I have one?;-) too last autumn. I’m nearly 42 and felt I had to change my professional life a bit. Now I’m studying Interior Design instead of working in my known field which was advertising.

    All the best,

  • Hi Corinne,
    I hope you will get the job. Your mood board is beautiful. I can imagine it is hard to be in a country where you don’t speak the language but with your visuals I’m sure you will thrive anyway and just take your time to learn the language. Before you know it, you will speak Spanish fluentlyReplyCancel

  • Dear Libby, Masha and Louise, thank you so much for your encouragements and support. Libby, sometimes I do feel I might not have chosen the easiest time, yet the time felt right so I guess this is all that counts. As for writing something more personal, this post has actually been the easiest to write in a very long time. Louise, speaking fluent French is certainly helping me a lot to get a grip on Spanish even though I think that the kids will master it before me. Thank you again and have a great weekend!ReplyCancel

  • Super! Bonne chance Corinne! Tu parles déjà tellement de langues, je suis sure que tu vas te mettre très vite à l’espagnol.

  • This sounds so exciting, Corinne! I’m sure your enthusiasm, dedication and motivation will shine through in your presentations to potential clients. Show your 3 boys what you got! And Spanish will come naturally, with your knowledge of French & English you’ll master it in no time. bisous!ReplyCancel

  • Corrine, what exciting times for you. I have to say that you sound so strong and empowered and a real example! I love how you said that it’s not about if, it’s about whether you’ll achieve your dreams but in what timeframe. I wish you the best of luck although I know you don’t need it. M xxReplyCancel