Welcome back after a long summer break

Although technically the summer isn’t over, and certainly not in Madrid where it is still daily over 30°C, the back to school mood has kicked in, and the blog which has been silent for quite a while, has been calling for some fresh posts. I’ve spent the summer sharing my time between Collioure in the south of France and Madrid. The summer vacations in the French schooling system last two months from the end of June to the beginning of September. Those of you who are parents know that having children at home full time rather than in school dictates a completely different rhythm.

As usual I had planed quite a few things, expecting that I’d be able to work while in Collioure. Why do I keep forgetting from one summer to the next that the centuries old walls of our house and the entire village aren’t exactly wi-fi compatible when you don’t have a direct internet connexion? And that after a regular day of playing, going to the beach and taking care of a toddler and an active four year old there is little energy left once they are in bed to go to the local dig to access the world wide web? After the initial frustration I started to accept this involuntary internet detox. I read close to a dozen interiors and design magazines, two novels and enjoyed the simple things I love so much in Collioure: the daily routine of walking the streets, shopping fresh fruits or grabbing a drink in front of the sea.

We are now back in Madrid and school starts in a week from now. My school year starts this coming Monday already and I couldn’t be more excited about it. The project I mentioned to you in this post is happening and after the initial preparatory phase we are starting the renovation (we’ll start with demolishing first) this coming Monday. You’ll get full dedicated posts featuring the progress as we go along.

So before we head back to work here are a couple of my favorite instagram pictures taken while in Collioure. If you ever wondered where my love of color came from, look no further. Spending your vacations since early childhood in a place where color is omnipresent has this kind of effect on you.

Emerald Green Interiors 7Emerald Green Interiors 6

Aren’t each of those doors absolutely stunning? There are hundreds of doors more beautiful one that the other.

Emerald Green Interiors 1Emerald Green Interiors 9Emerald Green Interiors 10Emerald Green Interiors 8Emerald Green Interiors 4

Oh Summer, I think I miss you already.

Emerald Green Interiors 11Emerald Green Interiors 2Emerald Green Interiors 3

I am excited and happy to be back. I have lots to share with you over the coming weeks. Enjoy this weekend and see you Monday.


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  • Glad to see you back: I had been wondering how you were doing! The summers are always much too short, right?
    Oh those doors: to die for, as they say. The variety of color is just stunning.
    Are you taking the next BYW course? I’m pretty sure I will sign up!ReplyCancel