Wanderlust Wednesdays: India

Good Morning- Yana, from NoMad Luxuries here. Thanks for giving this gal some time off to enjoy the Mexican Riviera! We had a fabulous time; full of delicious food, Mayan ruins and endless turquoise waters. While five days under the sun was short and sweet, it’s wonderful to be back with you all today with a whole new Wanderlust Wednesday!

This week were trekking over to colorful and bustling India. I’ve had a strange infatuation with this exotic culture; there’s something about the colors and organized chaos that gets me every time. I have yet to make my way over to the land of Bollywood movies, curry to make you sweat and beautiful design, but it’s on the top of my list! Let’s take a peek at how to bring some of these design elements home, shall we?

indian moodboard

I brought together overly saturated colors with mother of pearl details, brass accessories and unexpected color pairings; all of which can be paired with neutrals to create harmony. And don’t be afraid to layer hues of the same color. Seeing a global pattern yet?

To tame bold colors, add intricate, heavy wood pieces to anchor a room down. By layering patterns like embroidered pillows, sari-colored textiles and bone-inlay, you add interest and depth to a room. Sigh…would love to get my hands on some bone-inlay!

Lattice entertain you with some inspiration! (did you see what I did there? Huh?) Let’s take a look at some ideas, by color…

lattice entertain you

{Neutrals: If you’re not ready to take the color plunge, this is the way to go. Incorporate soft peachy hues and add a lattice for a geometric touch. The intricate detail of the lattice with give your room an immediate global vibe. Spice it up with embroidered throw pillows!}

pink mania

{Pink: Mania! Pink, pink and more pink! I’m loving the ombre pink wall in this photo, but to make things a bit less feminine, incorporate oranges and reds.}

as pink as it gets

{Pink…again.Not enough pink for you yet? While this room might not be for everyone, I love the layering of bright and bold shades of fuchsia and how the pop of teal breaks up the room}

shades of lavender

{Purples: Now for the soothing pastels- I love the lavender in both of these spaces. The bedroom is a bit more neutral and serves as a perfect place to recharge and unwind; while the living room is a bit brighter with warm woods and pops of coral . Don’t be afraid to mix Indian textiles to an otherwise neutral room for an instant dash of luxury!}

aqua duo

{Teal: I adore the combination of teal/mint with buttery pinks. It’s the perfect way to keep colors in balance and balance warm and cool tones}

green bedroom

{Green/Coral: Here’s a similar color combo to our last Wanderlust in Mexico. Green and fuschia with touches of salmon and orange create a fabulous contrast. I love how these colors play off one another!}

head board

{Green: This bedroom has modern day elements in neutrals with a statement, colored headboard that once was a doorway. The geometric rug adds pattern and the neutrals create a luxurious and relaxing space}

wood tones

{Wood: Not a color, I know…but nevertheless, I love how rich and deep wood elements immediately create a global touch and neutralizes the abundance of color. When in doubt, add a wood piece!}

Feel free to hop on over to NoMad Luxuries’ Facebook page to check out all of the Wanderlust Wednesday photos. Have a great rest of the week- see you next Wednesday!

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