Urban Jungle Bloggers – One Plant, Three Stylings

Those of you who follow this blog will have noticed a L-O-N-G absence of posts over here. Things have been crazy and a moment of demotivation led to this silence. It’s been like two weeks since my last post so I am more than excited to be back with you today to share this month’s installment of Urban Jungle Bloggers launched by Judith and Igor. I just couldn’t pass the opportunity as this month’s theme was to style one plant three different ways. It had been a great exercise to style festive vignettes in December, but being an interior designer I really wanted to show you pictures featuring more than just a couple of objects. I also wanted to show you that whatever type of interior you have, you can incorporate a plant in it and have it look great and stylish. So let’s go and have a look.

Emerald Green Interiors UJB Feb IntroMy chosen plant is a Sanseveria Cylindra purchased recently; I’s a modern looking, low maintenance plant with rigid green spikes.

For the first styling I wanted to call to mind a relaxed, BoBo and slightly vintage feel. I shot the picture in my new home office (feature post to come soon) and paired wicker and light wood accessories with my wicker chairs and the new plywood table top of my coffee table. I included an earthenware jar whose raw aspect and simple shape I love, as well as a distressed painted wooden bird that was given to me years ago and a pinecone my four year old painted last week. I added a grey sheep skin for texture and a green velvet cushion that mirrors the green of Sanseveria Cylindra.

Emerald Green Interiors UJB Feb 2014 7Emerald Green Interiors UJB Feb 2014 8

Plants are certainly not reserved for hip or relaxed spaces and this is why I created this second vignette with a very classic setting in mind. This one was certainly the most difficult to photograph as I couldn’t get the lighting just right. The wall behind my classic Art Deco buffet and mirror should have been painted dark for a stronger impact but the painting simply hasn’t been done yet and won’t be a dark shade anyway. Sanseveria found a very chic home in a Medicis style vase and I added silver and pewter ware in different shades of grey as well as a silver framed antic map of Poland. A slight touch of color is added with the presence of clementines with their leaves peaking out of an old battered silver plated art deco tray. I must have been thinking of the restrained color palette of a Dutch painting.

Emerald Green Interiors UJB Feb 2014 1Emerald Green Interiors UJB Feb 2014 2

Sanseveria went Scandi style in this third vignette which was the easiest to style. I doesn’t get easier than to style with black and white, don’t you think: A home made console with a wooden top and tapered wooden legs, a white planter, black and white framed art, a Noguchi style paper lamp and a graphic black and white print cushion is all you need. I am really surprised at how well the wall color turned out. My office is in a basement so shooting with natural light is not an option. Yet he neon office light at hand seems to be doing a pretty good job at respecting the colors which means I’ll be able to use my office for shooting in the future.

Emerald Green Interiors UJB Feb 2014 4Emerald Green Interiors UJB Feb 2014 5

So now that I managed to shoot all my pictures today and to publish this post, I can’t wait to check out all the other bloggers posts. I’ve been seeing them popping up on Instagram and Facebook from early on this morning but kept myself from peaking at them as I did not want to get distracted or influenced. I certainly hope you liked seeing those different stylings and that it will convince you to add some greenery in your home.

* Photography by Corinne Kowal

Have a lovely day!

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  • First of all: I love that we chose the same plant for our stylings. Secondly: You did a fab job! Love your three interpretations! My favorite is number one:-)ReplyCancel

    • Thanks Igor, this was so much fun and I think that my favorite is the first one as well. Love the second one but the pictures didn’t turn out quite as well as I had intended them to. I might try to give them a new shot in the coming days.ReplyCancel

  • So glad you made it, Corinne! I’m with Igor on the first styling: the lilac/pale pink/violet (how do you call this color?) wall is so different and matches surprisingly well with the bobo styling. Bravo! Also love the painted pine cone detail! I think you will enjoy the other contributions too, there are quite a few 😉ReplyCancel

    • Thank you Judith. The wall color is called “Azalea”but more about this on the upcoming home office post.ReplyCancel

  • I love your stylings! my favorite is number 3 <3
    love, mirjamReplyCancel

  • lovely stylings indeed, the scandi one is my favourite <3 greetings juliaReplyCancel

  • This green really fits in any surrounding. My favourite ist the last one.ReplyCancel

  • Hi Corinne, good to have you back! My favorite image is #1 too because it looks all very natural and balanced. What is the wall color you have there? It has a light violet touch or is it the light? xReplyCancel

  • Danke Julia und Anja!
    Thank you Gudy. The wall color is lilac indeed, it’s not the lighting. It’s a greyed down lilac. If you are familiar with Farrow & Ball’s range it’s actually just between Brassica and Calluna. I’ll tell you more about it in my dedicated home office post 🙂ReplyCancel

  • I wonder on which planet I was to miss your post about the UJB! I totally love your stylings and my favourite one is definetely the first one. I love everything about it (even the colour on the wall which isn’t my favourite hue, but you’re in the yearly trend of radiant orchid 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Dear Ilaria, I don’t know which planet you are referring too but I wish I was on it. It usually takes me more than twelve hours to spot a newly published post. Well my wall color is certainly getting a lot of attention. When you’ll find out how it was chosen you’ll get a good laugh because it was everything but planed.Have a lovely day and weekend.ReplyCancel

  • Dear Corinne, I love the last styling! It is so powerfull and cleand in one way! I really like it! Have a nice weekend!ReplyCancel

  • Nice to see your pics! The first is my favourite! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Hi Corinne,

    So fun you and Igor chose the same plant!
    Foe me, it’s Art Deco all the way. Really nice:-)

    Have a good weekend.ReplyCancel