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Hello and happy Monday to you. I hope that you had a relaxing weekend. I am starting the week with this month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers series. Last month’s theme was to create a green festive vignette. To kick off the new year Judith and Igor suggested to share our green social inspiration, meaning the blogs, pinterest boards or instagram users each of us follows to get more green inspiration in our daily lives. Here are my favorites:

On Pinterest:

Dona Novack’s FloraLeaves and Patterns in Nature

Caroline Paynter’s Floral Styling

Most of Ingrid Henningsson‘s boards

Coco Lapine’s Plants

Emerald Green Interiors Urban Jungle Bloggers Jan

On Instagram:

Laurie Wheeler‘s feed is full of poesy and passing seasons

Poppies Flowers is a flower shop in Adelaide, Australia

2h flowers is another flower shop, in NYC

Jane Planet Joy shares the lovely blooms that grow in her garden

Blogs (I actually don’t follow many nature/flower blogs):

Madame Love shares her lovely bouquets freshly picked from the market and styled by her

Studio Abloom was launched last year and was off to a beautiful start. I don’t know what has happened since but Laurie, please get back to it!

As you can see this selection is more flower oriented than plant driven. I guess that this has to do with the amazing color combinations that are obtained by mixing flowers. I can’t seem to get away from colors, and why would I? There is really no nicer way to add color to your house than we a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers.

Have a lovely week!

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