Three wallpapers to keep you on cloud nine

The past few days have been rainy and cloudy and reminded me of the (too) often overcast weather we had in Brussels. Don’t take me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like clouds, but but when all you see day after day they become a little boring. Now take the weather out of the equation and clouds are actually esthetically beautiful formations of mother nature and fit to serve as decoration scheme. This is even more true, when they are adapted by talented artists into unique and inspiring wallpapers like my three favorites below:

Nuvole by Cole & Son: Based on a pen drawing of the 1950’s this beautiful design was first used on the ceiling of the famous Milanese Dulciora patisserie  designed by Gio Ponti and decorated by Piero Fornasetti. I love 18th century engravings and those clouds just remind me of one of those engravings. The details and nuances as well as the large scale of this mural is stunning as a background in almost any type of room.

Emerald Green Interiors Fornasetti clouds 1Emerald Green Interiors Fornasetti clouds 2

Cloudy by Minakani Lab: This airy rendition of clouds that just seem to have been dashed on the paper is certainly meant for grown-ups but it has an undeniable poetic vibe to it that brings back childhood memories and invites to daydreaming.

Emerald Green Interiors Minakani Lab CloudyEmerald Green Interiors Minakani Lab Cloudy 2

Dutch Sky by Little Owl: This mosaic like collage mixes antique prints with modern photographies featuring whimsical details of industrial cranes, wind socks and chimney tops. It comes in three color ways, dusk-violet, summer-blue, and storm grey to fit the mood you want to give your room.

Emerald Green Interiors Dutch sky 1Emerald Green Interiors Dutch sky 2

Those clouds are much more to my taste, don’t you agree? Or would you rather skip clouds both inside and outside? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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