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Dear readers,

Today I wanted to thank you for being who you are and visiting this page. I was surprised an honored by all the new visits and surge in traffic on my site after being mentioned in Holly Becker’s post on her students mood boards. So I decided to give my readers a little feedback information.

I launched my website almost two years ago, not as a blog but pretty much as a static website whose purpose was to support the launch of my interior design business. I did use a blog template, but this wasn’t really on purpose. As I had no experience whatsoever with coding and am not by any means a tech geek I simply looked for a template that had a friendly admin interface and that would allow me to showcase pictures of my work. In a creative industry like interior design you can’t really explain only with words what you do. The template I ended up choosing was a template for photographers and the one that I found to be the most customizable for a non expert such as me. I did not want to rely on a designer for changes, which I knew there would be plenty off. I didn’t use the blogging possibility at first. I wanted to have a website that was professional looking which the blog look,  I felt wasn’t compatible with.

Life had other plans and shortly after creating my business we relocated to Belgium and I started working part time as a color consultant for a paint and wallpaper manufacturer. I was left with a good looking website that didn’t really serve the purpose it was created for and so I turned to blogging. First as a trial, then as a way to share inspirations and to create a larger following to my Facebook account. I did it on a very irregular basis until I took Holly Becker’s Blogging Your Way class last June. I signed up not really expecting too much of it and ended up being really boosted about the whole blogging experience.

I’ve blogged on a more regular schedule since taking this class even though I had a low time in the summer. With the past days traffic increase I felt really motivated to post more often and at the same time I realized it paralyzed me. I ended up not looking daily at my stats anymore. Blogging is a pleasure for me but it is also something that does create quite a bit of pressure. I feel pressured to write interesting articles, on varied subjects and to illustrate them with good pictures because this is what I like to read on other blogs. Quite often lately writing posts ended up being an exhausting search for the perfect subject or the perfect picture. I am actually quite afraid of some sort of a burn-out as my head spins the entire day thinking of what I will post next.

So I ask you here to please bear with me, while I try to become not a better blogger, but maybe simply a blogger as this wasn’t something I has set myself up for. I might skip some days to take breaks but I will always try to come back to share with you my love of color and interior design. I thank you for reading my articles, for your encouraging comments and I hope you will keep on finding pleasure and inspiration here.


What do you think of this inspiring collage by my 3 year old son?

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