The Little Greene New Paint Collection: Grey

It’s this time of the year again: the time of interior design trade fairs such as Maison & Objet in Paris or Decorex in London. They serve the purpose of introducing new lines of products to professional buyers and for paint companies also to the general public. The British paint manufacturer The Little Greene just launched a collection consisting of 28 shades of grey, which is not only spot on in terms of naming, but following the current trend we’ve been seeing as grey emerging as the neutral go-to color. The palette showcases four sets of grey families, from light to dark, and from cooler blue grey to warmer chocolate grey.

Although my heart really lies with colors, I mean “real” colors in opposition to neutrals, I can’t deny the fact that grey can be a great backdrop color for colorful elements. Although we will be allowed to paint the walls of our new place in Madrid (Yiiippeeeeee!!!) I might have to restrain myself a little and use those said neutrals since it is a rental. I especially like the contemporary family that ranges from “Loft White” to “Lamp Black” , and the greenish grey family from “Wood Ash” to “Toad”. Green greys work beautifully with many colors and antique furniture for a classic and elegant look.The styling of the pictures is beautiful. I gravitate naturally towards the darker tones, which I rather see as colors and statements than the very light greys, which to me just say “I had no clue which color to use so I put a light grey instead of white”.I love the pop of yellow on the stairs. It really bring life and personality to this space. Sure the two-tone baseboards are interesting, but this alone doesn’t make the room.Be careful when you use reddish greys like the one you see in the styled bookshelves above or in this detail shot below. They look very nice, are indeed warmer than most greys, yet they are the ones that are the most difficult to combine with other colors. When you choose a reddish grey you will be limited in your decoration scheme. Be aware of it.What do you think of the grey trend? Do you prefer them on your walls than “real” colors? Tell me which shot is your favorite and head to the Little Greene’s website to order your swatch card. You can see more pictures of the paint collection on The Little Greene’s Flickr account. Have a lovely day.

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