The Indigo Trend

Have you noticed it recently? I have been stumbling upon pages showcasing navy and indigo fabrics in a few different magazines.

Instead of just talking about it I figured I might as well show them to you. And voilà! Here is my first self styled image of those magazine pages. I styled them with an assortment of Japanese cups and small saucers I have. On the left is a page of the July issue of the French Le Journal de la Maison where you can probably notice the  Houlès trimming I blogged about recently (click here to see the post) and on the right is a page of an article about wonderful indigo textiles featured in the July issue of the British House & Garden. They all have a handmade, handcrafted feel to them which makes them truly unique and the way Florence Rolfe styled them reminds me of the fabric sample books Marie Antoinette used to decide what she would wear for the day. (photography by Damian Russell)

How do you like my first attempt at styling a picture? To be quite honest I literally took dozens of pictures rearranging things each time before settling on one. It was a lot of fun and I’ll do it again shortly. But back to indigo. I think I am onto something because Pierre Frey even used their new released Leo Indigo Pollock like fabric as the cover of their annual 2012 catalog.

I love how the interiors featured below combine different patterns and fabric textures in indigo and white for a very soothing effect. It creates something modern, visually interesting, and I don’t know about you, but I find it to be the perfect surrounding for reading or simply daydreaming about future travels to Northern Africa or maybe Japan.

What do you associate indigo with? Do you like this handcrafted feel of the examples I picked or do you prefer more even textures and patterns?

Have a nice day!

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