The Copper Trend 1 – Bathrooms done right

Yes you’ve read it right: Copper is no longer what reminds us of our mother’s and grandmother’s cooking ware but is the hot new trend in interior design. We have seen a lot of gold and silver in the past years as they simply remain staples of good taste. Hmmm… well depends how they are used. It was just a matter of time until copper and it’s orangy pinkish color was rediscovered for other things than cooking pots.

We spent the past weekend in Lille and stayed at a nice, big chain, business hotel in the middle of town. I don’t know exactly when it was opened but the interior design must date back at least five years. Our bathroom was tiled in copper colored glass mosaic, paired with a black marble washing table. The sink and bathtub were white. It sounds like a lot going on, doesn’t it? I didn’t have a camera to snap a shot so you won’t see it but to give you an idea check out the picture below:

Although mosaic tiles are very small, when they come in a changing glass metallic finish like this copper one, they become attention grabbers. Marble on the other hand has a very strong presence which can not be denied. So what happens when two finishes like those are used next to each other? They both fight for attention and neither gets the one it deserves. The viewer gets tired instead of encountering the feeling of restfulness needed in a bathroom. Before deciding on your bathroom finishes, make sure they don’t clash!

The current trend introduces copper in a much subtler way. Copper, like gold and silver, needs to be used with good measure otherwise it just turns tacky. You’ll want to use it as a small accent. Apparent piping in bathrooms is the trend within the trend. Used this way copper really stands out, the simple shape of piping simply showcasing it’s finish and texture. Although I am not a  fan of bigger copper surfaces, I do love the sink shown below. It’s not too present and it’s color creates a complimentary color scheme with the blue of the wallpaper. (This reminds me that I need to write a post on complimentary colors ASAP!)

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

How do you like those exposed copper pipes? Is this something you would go for or is it too industrial looking for you?

Have a lovely day dear readers.


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  • Lisa

    I am so happy to read that copper is back in style. I have a copper faucet in my kitchen that was there when we bought our condo in 2006. I’ve been debating about replacing it, but I actually like the color. Thanks for the fun pics.ReplyCancel