Below you’ll find a few testimonials of clients that I have worked for, and who have generously offered to share an insight into their experience working with me:

“I hired Corinne as a project manager for a complete renovation of an apartment in central Madrid. She was responsible for both the new layout of the apartment and all materials used. She also project led the rebuilding in collaboration with the craftsmen. She was also instrumental in the procurement phase of the project. Corinne is a very good combination of creativity and efficiency. I am particularly impressed by her overall vision and her ability to locate the right craftsmen and the right materials suitable for the project, while she kept the agreed budget. It is a delight to work with Corinne. She is punctual, professional and always cheerful and positive. I warmly recommend her services for those who want to renovate an apartment in Madrid, or elsewhere.”

TORBJÖRN OLOFSSON – Stockholm, Sweden

“Corinne was responsible in both design and project management for the complete renovation project of my newly-purchased apartment in Madrid. Both myself and the tenants were extremely pleased with her design, especially on the perfect and stylish choices of colours. Being an investor from Asia, Corinne has offered her unbeatable professionalism as a project manager and super easy to deal with (plus in English!). Highly recommended!”

JACKY YEUNG – Hong Kong, China


“I hired Corinne on recommendation to assume overall responsibility for a renovation/decoration project in Madrid. With a clear idea of how she envisaged the flat when completed, she lead a crew of subcontractors with a firm hand towards this goal. Needless to say, she is an amazing professional who has added significant value and, perhaps as important, been great to work with. She has a very good eye for colours and a genuine understanding of the importance of the interplay between light and space. With delicate taste and a large local network there would seem to be few limits to what she can achieve. Needless to say, she comes highly recommended!”

JONAS BÄCKLUND – Stockholm, Sweden


“Corinne was a wonderful advisor and reference for us on our residential project. She was always punctual, listened very well to our desires, and after providing multiple color combinations was able to source many vendors for a wide range of products. She is a very trustworthy professional who was always flexible in making sure our house was exactly as we hoped. I would recommend Corinne to work with anyone who needs help with interior decoration, color selection and for sourcing high quality vendors.”

HISHAM ALOMRAN – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


“Corinne is an effective professional. She spent necessary time to really understand my needs and wants and guided me in the decision making process with her proven expertise. Also she has been instrumental in the execution of the project. Thanks to her expertise and passion the result is great and helped my family to “adopt” the new house, aligned with who we are.”

STEFANO RIVERA – Brussels, Belgium