Stuart Scott Associates amazing sofas

My husband was in the UK last week and as usual brought back an entire stack of British interior design magazines for me. I was flipping through the August edition of Homes & Gardens and beneath a beautiful looking sofa saw the mention of the Varese cotton velvet that was used to upholster it. I told you a couple of days ago how much I loved this velvet range by Designers Guild (see the post here). The sofa was a beauty so I decided to have a closer look at it. Designed by Stuart Scott Associates, it is a beautiful example of design and British handmade craftsmanship.The Tux sofa, as it is called,  is beautifully tufted while keeping a modern and very sleek outline. What a fabulous contrast! The picture I found on Stuart Design Associates website was showing it off even better than the picture on Homes & Gardens.And then I saw the Fleure sofa and almost fell off my chair. Incredibly stunning, it was love at first sight. Again the sleek outline, the utterly modern tufting and the beautiful walnut legs. If you ever wondered why I like cotton velvet so much, don’t look any further. It’s all here: the inherent luxury and comfort velvet carries, the barely there sheen and the color complement the design in a way no other fabric would.

Are you in love as well? Which color would you choose for this sofa? Have a lovely Monday.

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