Spring Cleaning

You must be wondering where I have been. I promised more colorful inspiration for the past week and then I simply disappear from the blog. I don’t know what happened to me. Was it the sudden blue sky that made its reappearance after months of grey, the slight increase in temperature, the days getting longer or should I blame everything on my current state? For the past week or so I’ve gone into Spring cleaning mode  and not the light version let me tell you! I’ve been sorting through paperwork and clothing, throwing things out and reorganizing big time with the help of my better half. For those wondering about what my current state is, the answer is that I am due with number two in about six weeks. Perfect timing to move “stuff” around when you are almost 9 months pregnant don’t you think?

So between the reorganization tornado our place has seen in the past days and the days our big one stayed at home with me due to a conjunctivitis, I didn’t take much time to sit down and write blog posts. Instead of letting you sit another day without anything to chew on I thought that I’d at least share a few hipstamatic shots of what I’ve been up to. So here we go:

So I reorganized my design and decoration book by color. I know it’s not super original and that everyone does it but I do love the result and who knows I might change them again soon for a different display.I found this beautiful Art Deco inspired glass vase in one of my favorite thrift stores in Brussels. The glass has a slight crack at the base but I only paid five Euros for it so it wasn’t a big expense and I knew that the shape would compliment very well many bouquets sizes. How do you like my white raununculus in it?This is just a small detail of a very large old botanical school print I found months ago in a thrift store and that was neatly stored in a corner of our office. I am really happy that it is up and I’ll show you more pictures in the near future when this little corner of the office is ready and neatly styled.

What have you been up to in those past days? Is the Spring also showing it’s nose where you live and is Spring cleaning something you do every year? I really love how doing it is making me feel alive and active, but maybe those are just my hormones playing with me. What do you think?

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  • Your nesting instinct is kicking in big time! You might be in for an early surprise! I love that vase, by the way, Art Deco is so structural and compliments so many shapes of bouquets, you are going to enjoy it for a long time!ReplyCancel

    • Hahaha, I hope not Cindy! Would enjoy a few extra days if possible. My first one was supposed to come early and then decided to stay warm for almost two extra weeks past the due date. And since I am feeling pretty well I don’t really mind. Oh yes I love my vase!ReplyCancel

  • Congratulations Corrine!! I so know what you mean about that hormonal spring cleaning. I am due May 9th and have been cleaning/redecorating like mad. I guess if you call it “nesting” it doesn’t feel as crazy ;-).ReplyCancel

  • Hi Corinne,
    I’m a fellow Blog Boss student and picked your blog as one that I think rocks. I love how you consistently apply your design aesthetic and your colourful photos/interiors are so lovely.
    Congratulations on the soon-to-arrive Baby #2.