Sometimes, white can be good.

I know: You are about to say what is she talking about? She keeps on telling us to paint our living spaces in vibrant colors and suddenly she talks about white being fine! Hold on a second. You know how much I love colors and how boring white walls are too me. So no, I am not talking about painting your walls white. What I want to talk to you about is linens.

You see, one of my linen sets by Yves Delorme just surrendered after years of intensive usage and so I have been looking actively at replacement. There are truly amazing bed linens out there. There is so much to choose from in terms of pattern, color and style. But you know what? As tempted as I am by them I am going to stick with white.

Because you know what? White linens are beautiful, versatile, they look fresh with any design or color. They can be accessorized with a bed-cover, blanket or throw to match your color scheme. If you move half as often as we do and decide each time to redecorate then the perfectly chosen to match your indigo wall linens might not work quite as well in your next mustard yellow bedroom.

What’s your take on this question? White or colorful linens?

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  • Alyssa Daniels

    Love your site! Is there anyway you can tell me where the comforter on the 4th picture down is from? I am obsessed with the tufts! Thank you so much!ReplyCancel

  • Dear Alyssa, thank you for your kind words. I just sent you an email. CorinneReplyCancel