Some News + 31 Days of Color Inspiration for the Home.

I must be totally crazy, insane or whatever other word applies in this situation. I’ve come across the 31 Days writing challenge organized by The Nester and have decided that I needed to participate. You must be wondering what the heck I must be talking about. The writing challenge consists of writing on a chosen topic a daily post for 31 days, every day of the month of October.

You might have noticed I haven’t been very present on the blog barely posting once a week. Well this is because we are getting ready to move at the end of October. Our move will be an international one, again, and we will be heading south to the sunny capital of Spain: Madrid! It’s a really exciting time, but you’ll agree that it might not be the best to undertake a daily writing challenge.

Yet I feel that it would be a pity to pass up on the occasion and by the way, when has the timing of something you wanted to do ever been ideal? I feel that I often look for excuses for not doing things, even if they would benefit me, by fear of putting myself out there. Taking up the challenge is a great way to push myself out there, to reconnect with the blog and to fuel my inspiration. We are ready to move, have found a new place, so you can bet that there are loads of colorful ideas going through my head at the present time. Myquillyn‘s (the Nester) mantra “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” also resonated with me as I feel that I need to loosen up a little bit more and to post more spontaneously rather than to write and illustrate perfect posts.

So this is the introductory post to 31 Days. Below you’ll find the recap of all the posts once they are published. No time to loose, I am starting late since it’s October 2nd already and therefore I still have two posts to publish today. Have fun with the series! (I hope I won’t spank myself for talking it up during such a busy period! Can I get some encouragements please?)

Post list:

1. Reinventing a new home

2. The Little Greene New Paint Collection: Grey

3. Embracing color in your home – Your way

4. Using color – Where to start

5. Lille – From light to dark

6. Encaustic tiles to admire

7. Adding color with Flowers – 2 Flower Girls

8. Finding Inspiration: The new Rijksmuseum


10. 6 Reasons to choose white for your woodwork

11. Afraid of taking the plunge? Start slowly

12. 31 Days. How it’s going so far

13. Keeping your color scheme simple

14. My room is dark. What can I do?

15. 3 Inspiring interior design blogs

16. Moody Autumn Rooms

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