Simple Things

I’ve been busy like a bee spending a lot of time away from the blog. A pity and yet a choice, the choice to enjoy full-heartedly the time spent with my family. This Sunday morning we went for a walk in a historic park near our home. The almond trees are starting to bloom and they are not the only ones. Spring is around the corner and my heart rejoices at this symphony of pinks and yellows.

Emerald Green Interiors spring blooms 3Emerald Green Interiors spring blooms 4

The Mimosa isn’t blooming yet except for one or two isolated buds impatient to take a peek at the sun. But aren’t they lovely just like this?

Emerald Green Interiors spring blooms 2Emerald Green Interiors spring blooms 1

I hope that you had a lovely Sunday and that you enjoyed the presence of loved ones at your side.

* Photography by Corinne Kowal via Camera+ for Iphone

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