Shoe Cabinet Makeover

When I get asked what I do for a living and tell people I work as an Interior Designer, I am often met with curious and fascinated reactions. The second next thing that happens is that people want to know what our place looks like. Obviously there is nothing more revealing about a designer’s taste than his own place. It’s been a year already that we have moved to Brussels, and a little less that we have a new home. I’ve decided to share some pictures of our place in this blog. It’s definitely something more personal than the articles I have written so far. I’ll give glimpses here and there.

Having moved less than a year ago the place still looks like a mess to me. But I’ve been very busy the past weeks boosted by the beautiful spring weeks we’ve had. As you surely know, when moving, one’s furniture never totally fits in a new place. I had to make a few temporary adjustments while looking for the perfect pieces.

Today I’ll share a small project. We have a very small entry-hall to our apartment where we store the usual coats and shoes. The shoes until now where stored in an old re-purposed Ikea PS filing cabinet. It was alright but that piece of furniture was meant, well for filing and not for shoes, and the shelving wasn’t therefore in adequacy.

Not far from where we live is a great consignment store. A place I love, full of junk, where you really have to dig to find what you could use in your home. That’s where I found this old shoe cabinet probably from the 70’s. It was really ugly with it’s fake oak look but the measurement were perfect for our little corner. And cheap it was!

This is it shortly after I hauled it home and on our terrace (we are lucky to have this great terrace). Cheap plywood in all it’s glory! The back wall was cut out in one corner and the shelves were really in bad state so they ended up real fast in the trash can after being removed. I took the hardware off and slightly sanded i before priming it with universal primer.

The sanding took me no longer than 10 minutes and the priming probably 20 minutes at most. I went to our local DIY store and had new plywood sheets cut for the shelves and a new perforated back. I covered the shelving with black adhesive paper and painted the cabinet in a dark green eggshell paint (Colors 5710 Houx by Levis) before applying 2 coats of gloss varnish. I put the shelves back in, nailed the back wall and reattached the hardware.

Here is the finished piece. It doesn’t stand where it is supposed to as I needed good lighting conditions to take a picture. It will be moved tonight. How do you like it?

Have a wonderful day and Easter/Passover weekend.

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