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Renovating a property can be a stressful process. It certainly is a time consuming one that requires constant attention and follow-up. Needless to say, this can be tough to manage alongside a busy career and family life, let alone if you live abroad. Finding the right contractor, assessing the space and its possibilities, sourcing materials or making sure the budget and schedule are respected, will only be a few of the tasks you will be confronted to along the way to your renovated home.

Managing renovation projects is, unlike you, my full time work. Increasing your property’s value and helping you achieve your objectives, are my mission. With your specific goals in mind, I will help you gaining a clear understanding of the steps involved before taking over the practical details. I know that neither two owners nor two properties are alike: I am passionate about my work and take a lot of pride in my tailored approach to each new project I take on. Trust and communication are of paramount importance to me.

I work with a selected few contractors whose workmanship and strong work ethics I rely on to deliver an outstanding result that meets higher northern European standards. (I am German, after all.)

Let’s talk about your idea of the perfect home.

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