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I am back! Back to blogging that is although I can’t say that I have blogged very much in the past much to my regret. And coincidentally I am also back from 10 days spent in the south of France with my husband and almost 3-year old son. Almost two weeks with barely an internet connection and quite some time to enjoy our vacation and the gorgeous weather, to gather inspiration, but also time to think about what I wanted to do with my website and the blog attached to it.

I am currently taking the online blogging your way class by Holly Becker the person behind one of the most read design blogs Decor8 and enjoying it quite a bit. One of her podcast about finding your own voice got me thinking. Why has it been so hard for me to write regular posts? I mean, sure like everybody else I am a perfectionist and try to put good content on my blog. I usually browse hundreds of picture on the web, arrange them painfully using Gimp (the open source alternative to Photoshop) and tweak them around for hours before being satisfied. So the result does look really good (or so I like to think) but does it really reflect who I am? And no wonder I don’t write much when the simple thought of undertaking a blog post gets me thinking that I’ll spend another 12 hours getting it ready to be published. Let’s be honest here: I am not much of a planner or a workaholic. I am rather spontaneous, I keep on switching between ideas, and I am easily distracted. I love to look at things and whilst walking on the street or even driving my head is always up in the air or looking left and right at things. So there should be a way for me to share my inspiration without this stiff and all too perfect side to it that doesn’t correspond to my true personality.

So here I am trying to be me for once and I raise a toast to myself and to this undertaking. I hope you like the new version of the blog.

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  • Great blog post – love it! I could do with taking a leaf from your book too. Good luck with your new approach to blogging 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Hi Corinne, very honest post! I hope your relaxing time was great and I am looking forward to see the new version of your blog. And yes, I agree you have a great collection of pictures (at least, at Pinterest). 🙂ReplyCancel

  • I’ve had the same dilemma with posts taking so long to put together. I had a series called Inspired by… that people seemed to like, but I wasn’t “inspired” by writing it so I stopped. I hope that you are able to find a happy medium when writing your posts.ReplyCancel

  • Here’s to you and the new version of your blog!
    Beautifully honest post. I love this. Thank you xReplyCancel