Quercus & Co. Color Charts and Art Prints

You probably remember me blogging about the Australian based company Quercus & Co. a few months back (see the post here). Back then I wanted to share with you their one of a kind wallpaper collection. Well since then, Adam Jones its founder, has been very busy at developing new products. He just relaunched their website this past week and there are some real treasures that have been added (and more to come in the near future).

Let’s start with the most exciting category first: I am totally smitten with the new color charts and wall hangings and will need to get one myself for my new office in replacement of my beloved botanical chart which of all our 290 parcels is the one gone missing during the move. (Oh and so is the key to my locked lemonwood buffet that now sits shut in my future office).

Adam being a color specialist at the core, those charts based on original illustrations from color theory pioneers like Philipp Otto Runge and Johannes Itten don’t really come as a surprise. The large scale diagrams have been hand painted in the Quercus washy-watercolor style, printed onto sturdy artist’s canvas and fixed with Cedar dowel, cotton tape and brass rings for hanging. The prints can be rolled up for storage or shipping and even easily wiped clean if needed.

Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts3Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts7Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts4

Emerald Green Interiors Quercus charts detailsAren’t those detail pictures just beautiful? The Kilim and Tapestry wallpaper patterns have also been added as wall hanging. If you are thinking about a spare place to hang them in your home, have you thought about the back of doors? Their size is perfect for it.

Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts6Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts9

Those wall hangings complement perfectly the already existing art prints collection based on the wallpaper patterns. The collection has now been enriched with some of the small and medium sized color charts.

Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts1

Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts2

Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts8I hope you enjoy those as much as I do because they really deserve the attention. Stay tuned as I will announce my first ever giveaway on the blog tomorrow, and yes it does involve Quercus & Co.!

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