Pantone Color of the Year 2013: Emerald

I was more than thrilled to hear Pantone announce the color of the year 2013 as being Emerald (green of course)! My color as color of the year: How thrilling! You might think that I knew it was coming when I named my company/blog a little over two years ago. To be honest I had absolutely no clue. I wanted my name to convey my love of color and how important a component it is in my work. It ended up being Emerald Green for various reasons ranging from my love of this color to childhood memories as well as a few other ones.

Emerald – Pantone color 17-5641 was already one of the 14 colors featured as favorites in the Spring 2013 color report published last September. It is a vibrant color with a strong personality, on the blue side of the green spectrum.

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Here are my advices to use it:

– Emerald is a very strong color. I actually advise against using as a wall color unless you know exactly what you are doing and you keep the color scheme around it very sober. I love it with a beautiful gray like “Mono” or “Mid Lead Color” by The Little Greene.

– Accessorize: Use Emerald colored fabrics for cushions, blankets, window treatments or accent upholstery pieces. Use varying patterns next to each other or with solid emerald fabrics to create interest whilst keeping a sense of unity.

– If you feel bold mix Emerald with vibrant jewel tones. Mix and match your accessories if you are scared of committing on fixed elements like sofas.

What’s your take on Emerald? Do you like it, love it or hate it? Have you used it before or will you think about it now that you will see some more around you?

Have a lovely weekend!


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