Monteverdi Hotel & Villas – Tuscany

Today is May 22nd yet the weather in Europe has been feeling strangely autumnal for the past weeks. I guess this is what you get for messing with the global climate. I am down to earth and not a big believer of complaining about things you can’t change. The state of the weather fits in this category, but dreaming is something I allow myself to do quite a lot. I thought you would find the pictures of the Tuscan Monteverdi Hotel & Villas as uplifting as I did unless you are of the few person who doesn’t get what the whole Tuscany fuss is about. You know, the beautiful landscapes, the rolling hills, the cultural treasures and did I mention the gastronomy as well?

Set in the Unesco World Heritage listed “Val d’Orcia” halfway between Rome and Florence, Monteverdi is a love story between American lawyer and teacher Michael Cioffi and the region and its way of life. Opened in 2012 after almost five years spent renovating this abandoned 12th century village, Monteverdi has already been featured in numerous publications  and made it to the “The Best New Hotels 2013”  Travel + Leisure list.

Roman interior designer Ilaria Miani created beautiful timeless interiors combining the existing original century old materials with clean lined furniture and a selection of mat colors that look like they truly belong there. I love how the color is used to set the mood in each room and how it disappears in the background highlighting the simplicity of the furniture.Behind the simplicity lies state of the art equipment and all the amenities of a modern hotel. Every detail has been thoroughly thought out like the fact that the showers are positioned next to windows to offer the experience of the landscape. And when you see this landscape you understand why you don’t want to miss out on it.

I’d love to learn the secrets of Tuscan cuisine in this gorgeous kitchen, before enjoying the meal with a glass of local wine on the terrace overlooking the hills. Where do you dream of heading to when the weather lets you down where you live?

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