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Monday is usually the day I get the less done. Why? Simply because I spend the day with our almost three year old son who doesn’t go to daycare on Mondays . And let me tell you that my day can be quite active, simply not in the blogging department. As I have only recently started to blog on a very regular basis, I haven’t really gotten to having posts prepared and ready in advance. What I post is at this point written the day I post it. Since it’s already almost midnight here in Brussels, I thought I’d share a picture I pinned on Pinterest some months ago and that I really like.

It is a beautiful picture by photographer Jackie Nickerson. It belongs to a set of pictures she did on faith and depicts Sisters of the Perpetual Adoration Convent in Wexford sitting in a green room and reading for most of them. What I love most about the picture is that the photographer has captured the sense of community and togetherness of those women spending a quiet moment in their day. Of course, I also love the green wall, contrasting beautifully with the white and cherry red of the sisters outfits, which in turn seem to reflect the white of the statues in the background. The light streaming in from the window in the background blurs a little the outlines and adds a serene feeling to the scene.

How do you like it? Does it speak to you like it did to me? Have a nice evening.

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  • I agree with you. It’s a lovely, peaceful photo. The way you walk through it – color by color – exactly. Just found your blog through our byw2 fb page. I was signed up for the class, but am a teacher and was too busy to do much. Happy to meet you!ReplyCancel