Madeline Weinrib’s one of a kind vintage furniture

I recently received an email informing me about the launch of the new Amaganssett fabric collection by Madeline Weinrib. It had been a while since I had checked out her website and I was in for a pleasant surprise since a few product categories had been added. I definitely need to do a write-up on those, but today I’ll share with you images of the vintage furniture she sells as one of a kind pieces through her Atelier. Each piece is a design classic dating back anywhere from the 19th century to the 70’s, and has been reupholstered in one of Madeline Weinrib’s signature fabric. The intelligent juxtaposition of the shapes of those chairs and armchairs and the patterns of the fabrics creates pieces that are both sure to spruce up a conversation, yet remain beautifully restrained and timeless. Here are a few of my favorites:

You can see all the pieces on Madeline Weinrib’s website here. This is a brilliant example, as was my report on Chairloom, that shows how much a fabric can transform furniture; Even when the mentioned furniture has such a strong identity like the Jacobson Swan chair or the Le Corbusier armchair.

Have a wonderful day!

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