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Made A Mano Japanese inspired tiles

The Danish company “Made a Mano” was founded in 2001 by Rosario Parrinello, NanaKi Bonfils and Josephine Akvama. Their ambition was to create “a collection of tiles, countertops and sinks, combining ancient traditional handicraft with modern techniques. Revealing a sure sense of beauty and style.”

They have a beautiful collection of tiles and countertops made out of lavastone and terracota. The fairly recent manufacturing process of glazing lavastone offers a new product called Majolica which is extremely durable and resistant and can be used from fireplaces to stairs, fllors or even swimming pools.

All their products are either hand drawn or hand printed. I am especially fond of their Komon tile collection which features traditional Japanese decorations:

Aren’t those beautiful? I love the subtlety of color and those patterns. I envision kitchens, summer houses floors and halls in those.

Green and gold? You bet! I’d love those in a bathroom to feel in a haven devoted to well being.And to finish the traditional blues and turquoise. I particularly like the blue one with the red dots.

Which ones are your favorites?

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I love that greenish…turquoise fan shaped pattern but all the blueish and grayish patterns are great! Thanks for sharing! I posted in spring about Claesson Koivisto Rune design, they designed also great tiles…I think it was in Life of mosaic and spring colors – if you are interested to see.Byw.

These are all beautiful, Corinne. I’d be hard-pressed to select a favorite, but I’m kinda digging the blue and white one in the bottom left corner of the last picture. Thanks for turning me onto this company. Great post!

Great selection of prints!

Love them all! So beautiful!

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