Les Bains de Lea, Grand Hotel de Bordeaux

I am back to the blog after a very busy week spent at my parent’s place south of Paris with the kids and their two cousins from Singapore. They had loads of fun and kept, us moms, very busy and pretty exhausted by the end of the days. Despite having taken my laptop with me I had barely the time to turn it on. So today, my big boy is back at school for the last two weeks before the summer vacations and it feels almost like vacations to me. Still I could use some relaxing time and thought that the timing was perfect to share with you the images of the Spa of the Grand Hotel de Bordeaux, Les Bains de Léa, designed by Jacques Garcia.

Jacques Garcia mixes, in his signature style, Roman and Greek influences, gold and fabulous colors. I love the use of the complimentary colors blue and orange in the spa. The fiery orange adds a lot of energy to the toned down blue. I admire Jacques Garcia’s work as a designer a lot even though it’s not a style I’d want for my own home, but it’s perfect for a day at a spa where you really want to forget about the everyday hassle.Have a lovely week dear readers! More to come in the next days!

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