Late May Edition of 2 Flower Girls

Elodie and Inga are now bringing a new edition of #2flowergirls on a monthly basis. As you might have gathered from my last post, I was quite behind schedule with my blogging. After having lots of fun taking pictures of Raununculus, I wanted to participate to the May edition based on Hortensia. I ran out of luck because I couldn’t find at my different local florists cut Hortensia to style. I still had some dried ones but I am kind of stubborn, so after much searching I found some mini ones at a weekly market on …June 1st! So much for it being the May Edition.

I did find the Hortensia to be quite difficult to photograph. Maybe because of its shape, or maybe because I tried to style my pictures a little more than last time. Anyway here is the result. If you wonder what the funny metal thing is, it is an antic cutlery cast found on a flea market. We have four of them, three like the one you see in slightly different sizes and one for sugar tongs. They are so heavy that we could barely carry them home but they look just awesome, don’t you think?

I look forward to June’s installment of #2flowergirls with Peonies! Will you participate as well? Give it a shot!

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