Inspiring books: En Passant par la Demeure

This past week I spent pretty much an entire day on a color consultation with a client. While we were talking she opened her briefcase and I saw a decoration book lying in it. The book she had brought along was a book I know very well as I’ve had it in my library for the past 6 or 7 years. The book wasn’t distributed in very large quantities so it came as quite a surprise to see that she had it. I am quite a book geek and just love collecting them, so when I was thinking this week about content for the blog, I thought it would be a great idea to share my favorite inspirational books here with you.

It only makes sense to start with the book I am referring to: En Passant Par La Demeure by French interior designer Jean-Loup Daraux. This 272 pages hardcover showcases the house of the author in the South of France. Actually the word “house” is a little bit of an understatement but there isn’t an English word that translates accurately the French “Demeure” which implies a certain history and/or importance. The house was photographed by Mario Ciampi who has worked on several other books as well as for Architectural Digest. It is furnished in a classic French southern style with mostly antic furniture from the 18th century and features imperfect finishes,  old paintings and fabrics in washed down colors as well as beautifully displayed collections. The book is organized in five main sections, the four first ones showcasing the house and its gardens in each season, and the last one presenting the materials used and the work involved in creating this enchanted atmosphere. This interior is certainly not everyone’s style, actually it isn’t mine either, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t see the beauty in it or won’t be inspired by the subtle color harmonies and the exquisite styling.

I believe that the book is now also available in an English version, that you can find here. It certainly makes a great gift for any house lover or why not for Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for furniture in the style of the one seen on these pictures then you can check out this website, which is the company founded by the author’s younger brother and for whom I have worked several years.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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