Inspiration lies in the small things

So we are finally back from 10 days spent in Collioure in the south of France, a gorgeous village I’ve been coming to since I was a toddler. This place is like home for me and it always feel regenerating to spend some time there. In the strip below you can see from left to right, the bay it is set in as seen from the vineyard hills, the famous church whose tower used to serve as a lighthouse from the 13th century on, and some of the traditional Catalan boats anchored in the port.

As you can see I went slightly overboard using Hipstamatic, to snap shots wherever I happened to be. Here is my selection of things that inspired me during those holidays:

Top row left and right: The ripe fruits and vegetables that taste like nowhere else. The sun and Mediterranean climate really produces marvels. Aromatic tomatoes, juicy apricots and peaches, or melons were simply to die for. I hope I won’t offend anyone but Belgian mass produced tomatoes are simply not even the same fruit.

Top row middle: My favorite seller on the bi-weekly market is a big stand that sells all types of spices in big bags. It’s a feast for the eyes and the nose. I bought some caraway which I use to cook German pork Roast or that I like to sprinkle on Munster cheese for example, and fennel seeds to incorporate in  biscuits.

Middle row: Collioure is all about taking one’s time. The time to walk through the small village’s streets and to discover breathtaking views of the sea. The time to sit in one of the cafés and to enjoy an expresso, or the time to walk along the castle on the seaside to go to one of the beaches.

Bottom row left: Color inspiration is everywhere. Aren’t those pink impatiens set against this dark green door absolutely lovely? Note to myself: indulge more often in fresh cut flowers.

Bottom middle and right: Those stripes! If you have read my blog a little you know how much I love those stripped Catalan fabrics. I’ve blogged about them here. Those shots were taken at La Maison de Prosper. The owners of the store took it over a few years ago, but the store at this location has been selling fabric and the typical espadrilles for almost a century. I am very happy that it hasn’t been taken over by another tourist crap shop!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight. Let me know if you have any questions that I would be glad to answer.

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