Hotel Paradis in Paris gets a revamp

It’s been a week and a half again without posting. I thought that I was on a roll and going but things are not always what they seem to be. Our little one who turns 7 weeks old tomorrow is not waking up 4 times a night anymore, but on the long run two times is enough to accumulate a decent lack of sleep and to feel less energized. Hence without realizing it you end up with an arm long to-do list, don’t know where to start, and end up being very unproductive. And then you come across the portfolio of a successful young interior designer, published in numerous publications and wonder about your own career path, what you are doing right or what you should be doing differently. And in the meantime you still don’t write any posts and are probably loosing readers, astonished that the blog has gone dead. Does this also happen to you? I know I shouldn’t beat myself up for it but I was really enjoying the feeling that I was blogging and adding fresh content on a regular basis. So let’s get back on track and start by sharing with you the latest project realized by Dorothée Meilichzon, the young designer I just mentioned.

The Parisian Hotel Paradis was one of those typical (shabby) small hotels in Paris, until she gave it a fresh face-lift. Previously a two star hotel it has now a three star rating, which although better is still not that much. Those of you who have stayed in Paris hotels will know what I mean. Using a mix of industrial and vintage furniture, great wallpaper, color and custom upholstery she achieves an eclectic interior true to her signature style that feels comfortable and relaxed.

I love it when wallpaper is used in an intelligent way. Would you have guessed that those wood paneling are actually wallpaper? It’s a great way to add warmth and character to the room while keeping the costs down. I don’t know if the tin ceiling was there to begin with. It is rather a typical New York feature than a Parisian one but I like the fact that it adds texture in a subtle way to the room and plays with the encaustic tiles below.The Cole & Son Nuvole wallpaper designed by Fornasetti is paired with a beautiful stormy blue and placed only above the wood paneling to avoid it from being damaged in this heavy traffic area of the hotel.

The rooms are decorated in both strong colors and neutrals. I, of course decided to show you the colorful ones. Here again pairing of paint and wallpaper in the same color harmony. I like the unusual shape of the custom headboards upholstered in a Pierre Frey fabric.I really like the overall feel of the hotel. It has personality, yet the decor is neither stiff nor too present. The latest Trp Advisor reviews were also good so it might be worth a stop-over next time we are in Paris.

Wishing you a lovely day!

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