Grand Hotel Oslo: The new Mikado Suite

Will at Bright Bazaar recently blogged about the unveil of the recently renovated Mikado suite at the Grand Hotel in Oslo and the mix of different shades of purple and coral that resulted in a stunning outcome. If you haven’t read it, head straight to his article now. You don’t want to miss out on it and you’ll love it, I promise.

What Will didn’t show were the pictures of the adjoining dining/living room which lies in the continuity of the bedroom and office. You can see it in the background of the picture below. This room was painted a pale lilac that works perfectly with the stronger purple used in the bedroom. The wallpaper used in the office actually serves as a transition between the two colors while adding visual interest with the pattern.

My color consulting clients are often reluctant to use dark colors, especially in bedrooms. Yet it is important to think about the purpose of a room when choosing its color. Often a bedroom is used solely for the purpose of sleeping at nighttime and in this case a dark color works perfectly. It also brings a sense of coziness and intimacy to the most intimate room of the house. And in most cases if you want to read or even work from a desk a good lamp is really all you need. On the other hand a living room is used mostly during daytime, to spend time relaxing, reading or entertaining. Not everyone is ready to have a dark color on the walls so I’d definitely suggest to go lighter. This doesn’t mean you should use white. There are millions of colorful options between a dark wall color and white so do yourself a favor and pick one of them that will reflect your personality and sense of style.In this room, lilac is used throughout the space in combination with white, black and gold accents. I love the classic moldings, the unconventional art arrangement of both the white plates and the two identical prints that don’t respect the moldings, the chinoiserie inspired black and brass coffee tables. The color palette is kept the same with slight variations brought through the use of different fabrics and textures: a slightly metallic velvet on the sofa, linen fabric on the armchairs, raw silk cushion covers and a textured rug.Is lilac a color for you or is it too feminine for your taste? What’s your take on dark wall colors for a bedroom or in general? I would love to hear your point of view.

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  • I find that room with the adjoining room striking. It’s game, bold and beautiful. It’s not my style but I totally get it and admire it. Mel xReplyCancel

  • Purple is my favorite color. I’m intrigued by that bold vignette and the unusual artwork in the dining room. I tend to like a little more saturated color rather than pastels and I agree with you that if used correctly, they can cause a cozy space that is perfect for sleeping.ReplyCancel

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