From Inspiration to Realization

Sometimes inspiration can come from an image that is totally unrelated to your project. You probably know Pinterest, the hottest virtual pin-board online. I do spend quite a bit of time on there curating my numerous boards and looking for images that inspire me. The other day I pined this beautiful image by Andreu Robusté. It is an image of a tennis court taken in Spain. I loved it because of the color combination and the way the photographer framed it; It looks like abstract art; The white tennis court lines and the black and white net provide a very graphic element in the composition.

A few hours later I was back on Pinterest and saw in my recent activity column that someone had repinned this picture. The picture was just a small thumbnail and upon seeing it I actually thought it was a different picture of mine that had been repinned. You see, just a few days before pining this tennis court picture, I had pined the image of a gorgeous tiled bathroom shot from the portfolio of Danish stylist Katrine Martensen-Larsen. I pulled it up and realized that the composition of this bathroom picture was a very close match to the tennis court one. The colors, green, white and this dusty pink were the same, and a beautiful two toned black and white tile added the graphic element also found on the tennis court image. It was like the designer of this Danish home had used that exact picture as inspiration for that bathroom color scheme. To find such matching pictures was truly quite amazing.

What’s your take on this? Do you use pictures that appeal to you even though they might be totally unrelated to interior design to create the interior of your dreams. I’d love to hear about examples.

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