Floral Pattern Upholstery

The other day I was once more browsing through the July edition of House & Garden and there were images of a beautiful classic Victorian house in London, decorated by Sarah Delaney and photographed by Simon Brown. If this issue is still available where you live try to get it! The living/dining room of the house was decorated in light shades of grey with a mix of antique wood furniture and mid-century inspired pieces. What really struck me was the cheeriness of it all brought in through vivid accents of fuchsia and turquoise. Those colors were scattered around lightly: a fuchsia velvet upholstered armchair and fuchsia shelving on the otherwise white built-in bookcase, decorative pillows on the sofa or a few vases on the kitchen shelves. The effect was reinforced for the photo shoot with matching flower bouquets on almost every picture. In what seemed to be a reading nook a fifties sofa caught my eye. With it’s white background and floral pattern the “Dragonfly White” fabric from Skandium definitely added a lot of personality to this little sofa:

Quite inspired I went on the lookout for more floral patterns and found this gorgeous (I mean there really is no other word for it) picture by Mark Weinberg. Unfortunately I don’t know the fabric but isn’t it just stunning?

And then I found those below on Pinterest and I certainly wouldn’t mind having one or the other at home.

Floral patterns are often seen as old-fashioned but the white or light background of all those fabrics keep them fresh and modern. Wouldn’t you love to have such a conversation starter in your home?

Have a lovely weekend!

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