Floral Pattern Upholstery

The other day I was once more browsing through the July edition of House & Garden and there were images of a beautiful classic Victorian house in London, decorated by Sarah Delaney and photographed by Simon Brown. If this issue is still available where you live try to get it! The living/dining room of the house was decorated in light shades of grey with a mix of antique wood furniture and mid-century inspired pieces. What really struck me was the cheeriness of it all brought in through vivid accents of fuchsia and turquoise. Those colors were scattered around lightly: a fuchsia velvet upholstered armchair and fuchsia shelving on the otherwise white built-in bookcase, decorative pillows on the sofa or a few vases on the kitchen shelves. The effect was reinforced for the photo shoot with matching flower bouquets on almost every picture. In what seemed to be a reading nook a fifties sofa caught my eye. With it’s white background and floral pattern the “Dragonfly White” fabric from Skandium definitely added a lot of personality to this little sofa:

Quite inspired I went on the lookout for more floral patterns and found this gorgeous (I mean there really is no other word for it) picture by Mark Weinberg. Unfortunately I don’t know the fabric but isn’t it just stunning?

And then I found those below on Pinterest and I certainly wouldn’t mind having one or the other at home.

Floral patterns are often seen as old-fashioned but the white or light background of all those fabrics keep them fresh and modern. Wouldn’t you love to have such a conversation starter in your home?

Have a lovely weekend!

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You are absolutely right with your comment on the light background. That would probably be my decision point. But wait, I am just realizing that I have a couple of upholstered Luis IX armchairs with a taupe back ground and mint+white pattern on it. :-) So, I guess, it really depends on your mood, what your place needs and how quick you fall in love with a certain fabric.

I have two wingback chairs I found at a thrift store; both are screaming to be re-upholstered. I know what I want for them. And what you pictured here is it! Thank you for providing such great inspiration, Corinne. I have to pin these!

Victoria Greene

I love the fabric on the chair at the bottom of the page, with the blue background, its the chair in the middle of the page. Do you know where I could find that fabric??? I’ve been looking for months for something like this! thanks

Sear Victoria, I sent you an email.

Hi Corinne, can you please tell me what the fabric is on the middle chair with the bright blue and pink floral print. Its beautiful!

Hi Corinne i sent you the wrong email address, please see above, thanks again

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Whitney Sommer

I’ve been searching for the name of the fabric on the Victoria chair at the bottom of the page – the bold fuschia and orange flowers??? Thanks!

Lazara Torres

Hi, can you tell me where I can buy all of the wonderful bright color flower fabrics on all three chairs? Thank you! Lazara

Leah Bridges

I am looking for the same great floral fanric as the one on the arm chair on the left. Any tips on where I can find it or something similar? Thank you.

The pattern at the sofa is from a in Sweden well known Swedish company: JOBS.
Design: Gocken Jobs (1945)


All the best from

Thank you so much Kajsa for taking the time to share the reference with me and my readers.


Hi – I am looking for the same great floral fabric as the one on the arm chair lower left of the page. Any tips on where I can find it or something similar? Thank you.

Carol Swimmer

These white floral patterns are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for

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