Five Headboard Styles to help you find yours

By now you must know that we moved a couple of months back and that I am searching like a madwomen to make out our new house a new home. Part of this project involves the design of our bedroom. Our move was the perfect excuse to upgrade our bed size-wise as we needed a bed for our guest room. Our velvet classic French headboard made it there and I am now on the lookout for a new headboard for our larger than life new bed.

While browsing the internet for ideas, I was thrown aback by the numerous shapes and styles that headboards come in. It can feel really overwhelming, so I thought that narrowing down the selection into a handful of styles could help you choose the style that will work for you. This is my selection of favorites and of course isn’t exhaustive as you can find many more options, but it’s a pretty good start to begin with.

The Simple Headboard doesn’t like to show off. It comes in a straight rectangular shape and showcases a pretty fabric with an interesting small-scaled design. It’s only excesses can be to have slightly rounded corners and fabric piping around the edges. The piping can be contrasting for more visual interest and eventually even be repeated ten or fifteen centimeters from the edge. This gal is just lovely. It’s just like the preppy version of a headboard.

Emerald Green Interiors simple headboards

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The Floral Headboard isn’t your average Joe headboard, oh no! It is colorful, brimming with personality and boasts a large scale floral/botanical themed print (duh!) which might even accommodate a few tropical birds or other good looking animals. Its shape will play hand in hand with its fabric design and be elaborate. I mean since you are using such a fabulous fabric, which you probably paid a fortune,  you might as well go for the show stopper shape. This headboard is creative!

Emerald Green Interiors floral headboards

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The Classic Headboard is all about elegance. It’s for those of us who want a beautiful headboard without taking too much design risk and that’s perfectly OK. Your bedroom is after all like a sanctuary of tranquility and maybe not the first place one should experiment with funky design ideas. This is the headboard you want to use a beautiful textured solid fabric on, or alternatively a beautiful small scaled monochromatic pattern. Highlight its classic shape with brass nails or tone on tone piping. You can’t go wrong with it and chances are you’ll still love in ten years.

Emerald Green Interiors classic headboards

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The Velvet Headboard is certainly one of my favorites. If you are not aware that I love velvet for upholstery purposes then let me say it again out loud: “I LOVE VELVET”. Velvet comes in any color imaginable, is soft and its texture evokes unequivocally luxury. It doesn’t need much adornment and I much prefer to see it used on headboards with simple clean lines. You don’t want to end with a kitsch headboard do you? I love the velvet headboard in moody colors, tone on tone with the wall colors of the bedroom like in the examples I chose. Those bedrooms just look comfortable, relaxing and cozy which are terms that sit pretty well with a bedroom’s function.

Emerald Green Interiors velvet headboards

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The Tufted Headboard is certainly a classic one can’t bypass when looking at headboard. If you choose a tufted headboard make sure to keep its lines very clean and simple. The tufting is really all you need in terms of interest otherwise you’ll end up with a serious case of visual overload. Since pattern is not an option because of the tufting choose a solid fabric in an unexpected color and keep the rest of the room in neutral colors or tone on tone. Make it the focal point of the room, yes just like this.

Emerald Green Interiors tufted headboards

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I hope that this small selection will help you see clearer through the endless options available in terms of headboards. Maybe you already have a favorite? What is it? For our current bedroom I am still hesitating between the simple and the velvet headboard. It will have clean lines and no tufting that I am sure of.

Oh and before finishing this post just a few words about the sizing of the headboards. I often find that the headboards I see online are too high and out of proportions. For a straight headboard a height of 125-135 cm ( 49″-52″) is enough to sit down and lean again it, and I doubt that most of you are taller than me so just believe me. Of courses if your headboard is all curvy and much higher in the middle it can go above that size. For the width take either exactly your mattress width or add a few extra centimeters or an inch on each side.

This said have a lovely day!

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