Finding Inspiration: The new Rijksmuseum

Finding inspiration is not simply about collecting pretty images on line and in magazines. Finding inspiration is about discovering and learning and above all about having an open mind. I love to visit museums, but to be honest I’ve been really bad at it since we moved to Brussels. Blame it on the kids, on the busy schedule, but I haven’t even managed to see the MAS in Antwerpen. It is still on my to-do list and I hope I manage it before we leave the country. Not knowing Madrid, I plan to take the complete tourist program and to discover the city and some of its secret areas as soon as possible.

The beautiful Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam reopened it’s doors in April after ten years of renovations, and the result is absolutely stunning. On it’s website the museum features images of the renovation and they are fascinating. A couple of years ago, while living in Berlin I had the chance to visit the Neues Museum, renovated by David Chipperfield, before the collections were reinstalled and it was a real treat. When visiting museums, we are often so absorbed by the art displayed that we forget to look at the architecture and decor of the place. Those pictures bring the architecture back into the limelight. I absolutely love the way darker colors are often used in museum scenography to showcase antique paintings and their golden frames.

Emerald Green Interiors Rijksmuseum 2Inhuizing RIJKSMUSEUM Amsterdam. foto VINCENT MENTZEL 2012 - 2013Emerald Green Interiors Rijksmuseum11Emerald Green Interiors RijksmuseumEmerald Green Interiors Rijksmuseum3Emerald Green Interiors Rijksmuseum4Emerald Green Interiors Rijksmuseum6Emerald Green Interiors Rijksmuseum2Emerald Green Interiors Rijksmuseum8Emerald Green Interiors Rijksmuseum10Emerald Green Interiors Rijksmuseum13

I am sorry for the overload of pictures but aren’t they gorgeous? Which was the last museum or pubic building/space that inspired you?

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