Fabrics for Furniture: Le Manach

The French fabric house Le Manach was founded in 1829. It carries on the long silk weaving tradition established in the Tours region by Louis XI, who decided to establish a silk manufacture in the year 1470 to avoid financial capitals to leave for Italy who had a monopole on this activity at the time. Le Manach is really known for it’s traditional french classic designs, but those are not the ones I wish to tell you about today.

I was introduced to the Tours collection by Le Manach’s agent in Brussels while I was visiting the Belgian trade fair Intirio in February. “Les Toiles de Tours” were originally created in the twenties when Georges Le Manach decided to adapt velvet and tapestry patterns to a brand new fabric made out of cotton and fibranne (rayon). The patterns entail a very large selection of Art Deco/ Art Nouveau motifs as well as African, animal, geometric or semi solid ones. The unique thing about this collection is that it is entirely made to measure. Every single pattern can be produced in a choice of 6 background colors and 46 pattern colors. This is a extraordinary possibility to add a custom fabric into a project to make it really unique as there is not even a minimum quantity to order. (For orders below 3 meters the prices are increased by 20%).

Here is a selection of their fabulous patterns:In 2011 Le Manach launched “Les Nacrés de Tours”, a new evolution with a fabric made of 95% Rayon and 5% cotton giving it a luxurious silk like shine with vibrant colors. They also added 100 new colors making the customization possibilities even greater.

Below are some of my favorites. From top to bottom the patterns are: Moderne, Cérès, Labyrinthe and, I couldn’t pass this, Collioure. (To know why I couldn’t pass on this pattern check out here and here).

Do you like them? Would you like to see more great fabrics? Let me know!

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