Etsy Finds: City Maps

I have been spending a little bit of time on Etsy recently, and there are truly so many great finds waiting to be discovered that I decided to share a few I loved. I have a knack for city maps and like to collect ones from the cities we’ve lived in. While I am somewhat a snob and usually purchase antique and vintage ones that I find on Ebay, I love the colorful modern versions that are available on Etsy.

Here are my favorites: Jennasuemaps offers the perfect map, both colorful and minimalistic with streets outlined in white on a colorful background of your choosing. She a huge selection of cities available, but should you not find yours she will be happy to create it for you. Choose your city, your color and the size of your print and you’re ready to get a great addition to your home.

Karen O’Leary’s StudioKMO shop has been amongst my favorites for over two years and her work has received many positive reviews. The prints of her amazingly detailed hand drawn maps are gorgeous and fit in any style of interior. They come in varied size prints, stretched on canvas or on postcards and notecards. If you feel like spoiling yourself then why not acquire one of the original ink drawings or hand cut paper maps? They are little gems to treasure for a very long time.

Christopher Estes, the designer behind MapHazardly offers city blueprints maps, perfect for the cool engineer or architect out there. I love all the cartographic details like the gridlines, arrows, scale, orientation and city information included.

Austrian graphic designer Nina Wilsmann offers quirky and beautifully illustrated maps in her shop VianinaPoster. Small illustrations of a city’s landmark monuments and buildings are used to create the overall city map. The colors used are truly happy and I can imagine adults and children alike spending time exploring them to discover their hidden secrets.

I hope you loved this little map shopping guide. Let me know if I should do more like those. I wish you a beautiful and restful weekend. What are your plans. We have some family visiting and hope the weather will be nicer.

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