Embracing color in your home – Your way

As a color consultant I have come to realize that pretty much everyone loves color. To what extent or manner varies greatly from one person to another. Ask someone about their childhood and you might come up with as many different stories as when asking people about their relationship to color. Yet rare are the ones truly allergic to it and willing to live in an all white decor. So why are so few of us willing to listen to our instinct to create our home’s design? I’ve seen it hundreds of times: people are afraid of color, afraid of using it the way they dream about it and afraid that someone will criticize their choices. As with the fashion industry, the design industry has brainwashed people, overloading them with images of perfectly styled spaces, giving them advices on what to do only to contradict them moments later. Sure, interior design magazines can be inspiring, but they can also be quite confusing for someone who isn’t so sure about its own taste.

Today my post will surprise you. I want you to embrace color in your home, your way! What does this mean? It means that you should stop wondering and start listening to your little inner voice, the one that is telling you that painting a wall in hot pink/ mint green/ insert the color you are thinking about , would be so fierce. You shouldn’t worry about what your aunt, neighbor or even best friend will think about it because you home is your sanctuary, your kingdom and therefore you are it’s king or queen. It doesn’t matter if any or all of the above mentioned people don’t like your home and its colors. They are not the ones living, eating, sleeping, walking up in it. You are! Color is extremely personal and controversial. As an example, I once had a middle aged client explain to me why she couldn’t stand navy blue, since she had spent the twenty first years of her life in boarding school wearing a navy uniform.

But why on earth would someone whose work it is to advise people on colors, and who gets paid to do it, recommend to follow your instinct rather than specific rules? Because my work is not about telling you what to do, it is about guiding you and making you aware of this little inner voice of yours that has been shut down for so long. My joy and pleasure is to share my passion for colors with you, and to help you create YOUR space, the one you’ll feel happy about every morning walking up, and every evening coming back home; the space that will be a reflection and an extension of you and your personality. This is not quite the same as imposing my style which is only relevant to my own home where I can do whatever pleases me.

So before I’ll share more inspiration in the coming days I just wanted you to address this point and to think it through. Color and interior design demand a little bit of self confidence. Your point of view in designing your own space is the single most important one. Don’t forget it and don’t let any designer tell you the opposite.

Have a fabulous time and while you are here browse around some more.

The quote used to illustrate my purpose is by Serena Dugan and was illustrated and shared on Facebook by interior designer Krista Nye Schwartz of Cloth & Kind. If you don’t know Cloth & Kind, check out the beautiful blog of a self-diagnosed textile addict, as well as the carefully curated Pinterest boards.

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