Elitis Volare Wallcovering Collection

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a beautiful weekend (yes I know it’s Wednesday already). This post was actually scheduled to go live on the blog Monday of last week just before leaving for a week as there were school vacations yet again. Somehow they come back every six weeks. Anyway I didn’t get a chance to publish this post and we spent a week pretty much with failing internet connections everywhere we went: so much for carrying my laptop around!

I wanted to share with you one of the latest Elitis wallcovering collection I spotted at Intirio. Elitis is a French fabric and wallcovering supplier based in Toulouse in the south of France which is now well established but still pretty much a newcomer as it was founded only in 1988. Since their launch they have managed to build a very strong collection based on one side on beautiful classic fabrics such as heavy linens and velvets in an amazing color range, and on the other side on very arty and/or technical wallcoverings with finishes such as fake animal skins. Those new wallcoverings are simply modern, yet neither tacky nor overdone, and therefore usable in many classic interiors.

There new Volare collection showcases six different designs based on feathers. Figurative wallcoverings are most often than not, not exactly my cup of tea, but those strike a beautiful balance between representation and abstraction and their colors are truly well chosen.

 My favorites are Pampero and Euraquilo. Which ones are yours? Or do you rather avoid animal stuff altogether?

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  • I love this study. What a great spin on animal print and a fresh use of feathers. I really like the texture that Loo gives while still giving a calming and soft tone.

    Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel