Eight Kraft paper wrapping ideas

Christmas is already tomorrow and maybe you have run out of time and haven’t wrapped your presents yet. Do not panic! You still have the time to create wonderful and stylish presents with very little needed. Kraft paper is the answer to your questions. I honestly can’t remember how far back my love for this wrapping paper dates. I remember being eighteen and wrapping Christmas presents in it already. I further fell in love with kraft paper seeing it used to wrap flower bouquets. To this day there is nothing that I find more beautiful and beauty enhancing for a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. I remember when we were living in Berlin and I would carefully select flowers to have composed as a bouquet for friends, only to see it wrapped in ugly paper and totally shut closed to my utter despair. (I believe the closing had to do with the harsh weather conditions but still….)Emerald Green Interiors Kraft wrapping inspiration 1.

Kraft paper is the perfect base to create beautiful presents as you can do anything with it. You simply need a little bit of imagination. Here are some of my favorite ideas gathered on the web over the past days.

Emerald Green Interiors Kraft wrapping inspiration 2

I love how playful those presents are using simple colored round labels, a glitter ribbon, over sized neon bows or a simple silver pen to hand draw doodles directly on the paper. Seriously, it doesn’t get simpler and yet the result won’t get unnoticed under the Christmas tree.

For a more organic feel, use natural twine, baker’s twine in green or red assorted to natural greenery and berries from your garden, old pictures or a graphic stripped black ribbon with feathers or dried leaves.

Emerald Green Interiors Kraft wrapping inspiration 3

The options are as endless as your imagination, so please take just a little time to have your gifts wrapped in a way that will truly stand out instead of having them wrapped in a store’s branded paper. I find it so rewarding when I see my own wrapped presents all next to each other creating an ensemble and looking beautiful. I am sure you will too.

Good luck with finishing up your presents and have a lovely time with your family and loved ones.

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