Designer Focus: Sarah Lavoine

It’s Tuesday evening already and I haven’t posted since last Friday. My energy level was down since the weekend and I have lots to do and on my mind recently. I watched one of Marie Forleo‘s inspiring videos and decided that however late it was, or how tired I felt, I needed to get this post published to get the ball rolling again. If you don’t know Marie Forleo check out her website which provides tons of tips on “creating a business and life you love”. What do you do when this happens to you? Any miracle recipe you want to share here?

So back to business now with another “Designer Focus” featuring Sarah Lavoine, a French designer who launched her company in 2002. Sarah has made a name for herself (her husband is a famous French singer and actor) with a signature use of strong colors in the interiors she decorates. Her style is eclectic and mixes designer pieces with ebay finds, signed photographies with mid-century inspired furniture. Her own flat set across the jardin des Tuileries in Paris was featured in numerous publications. A typical Hausmanian flat, Sarah updated it with strong colors such as a true turquoise and lemon, which she used in combination with black in graphic compositions. The result is surprising, very bold, and gives the feeling of coming straight out of an 80’s comic page or a Piet Mondrian paintingIn the all white living room, the window frames are painted in black. This is something I love doing as it makes the frames disappear visually while framing the outside view.I love the industrial feeling of the black and white kitchen with it’s black cabinets, aplliances and door and this fabulous green tolix table.Sarah has developed her own range of paint and this yellow is the only one in the entire collection. It is a bright and almost cold yellow which is somewhat tamed by the black painted framing. It’s not a look for everyone but this dining room is a conversation starter for sure.

What do you like or dislike about this flat? I often see clients afraid of bold colors but done right like in this flat they add a huge amount of personality and pizazz into a place, don’t you think?

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