Designer Focus: Amanda Nisbet

I would like to introduce you to the New York based American designer Amanda Nisbet. I came across her work some time ago and wanted to share it with you. Here is one designer who is not afraid of using color and who does it really well. Pick any color of the rainbow and you’ll find it in her portfolio. The secret to her designs is that she has understood the power of color and the risk of doing things half heartedly. She never uses more than two or three colors at the most at a given time but once the colors are chosen she creates interest by layering objects and art, fabrics and textiles with varying patterns throughout the space. The end result is either bold or more traditional depending on the colors chosen, but it is always coherent and this is something I find particularly important. I mean, some might find it over designed, but what’s the point of hiring a designer if it looks like your next door neighbor did it and nothing really stands out?

I love the example below. The rug on the right side has all the colors of the room in it: the color of the oak panneling and some pink which is barely to be seen on this picture but you can see it here. The pink fabric on the wall is from her own signature collection which you can see here.The example below is a great example of how using only one color doesn’t have to be a bore. Interest is achieved by mixing plain and patterned fabrics in the same shade of blue.Oh and I love her reading room from her own appartement in New York, where everything from walls to woodwork and fabrics are declined in this great shade of lemony green.I wish you a great week with more color inspiration to come in the next days.

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  • Hello!

    Have been looking through the blogs on Blog Boss forum and couldn’t help but be drawn in by the colours in this post! wow!

    I have to admit i’m a little bit of a fraidy-cat when it comes to so much colour, we’re moving into our first home in 2 weeks and colour at the moment is quite at a minimum – lots of greys, whites and neutrals..might have to start with some yellow cushions though as it looks stunning on the grey upholstery!ReplyCancel

  • I absolutely adore the pink wall fabric! Amazing- it looks brushed on by hand, in the most artistic way possible, of course!ReplyCancel

  • Tressie

    Great designer spotlight, I am loving all the color!!ReplyCancel

  • Hello Fellow BYW Student!

    I was just perusing the student blogroll and found your blog. This designer is amazing! Thanks so much for introducing me to her.

    How are you liking the course?