Decorating with color: Upcoming!

I feel kind of giddy and excited today. If you follow this blog a little you have certainly noticed that I have posted more articles in the past two weeks than in the past year. There is a reason behind it and I’ll tell you about it in a dedicated post. The fact of the matter is that I feel energized and that I have decided to listen more to my inner self and to shut up this little voice in my head that keeps telling me everything has to be über perfect before showing it to the world. Hence you get to see more now.

You probably know by now that color in interior design is what drives me. Instead of just showing you what inspires me I have decided to share my knowledge of colors with you. I am very proud to announce the launch of:

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It will be a post column explaining such things as color theory and explaining how to create color schemes with illustrated examples. I will also answer common questions about the use of colors and what I think works best in which situation. I’ll inject here and there some background information about the history of color which is a fascinating topic. I will share with you the advice I give my clients and hopefully inspire you to use color in a more confident manner as it offers such unlimited possibilities. The column will grow from your comments and your feedback which I very much look forward to. I can’t wait to start!

Have a lovely Sunday!

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  • Great! I can’t wait! I’m more and more driven by colour specially now that I’m starting to go through watercolouring. But it plays a big part in my everyday life!!!ReplyCancel

  • I love to be reminded about the various color theories and ideas, old and new alike. sometimes, as a color consultant, I know it works before I know HOW it works.

    Looking forward to your tutorials!ReplyCancel