Decorating with color: Countdown

Dear readers and friends, a whole week has gone by without blogging and I am certainly behind on what I had planned to do. So without much waiting here is the outline for my new column “Decorating with color”.

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I have decided that I wanted to blog on this theme twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Fridays. I have set fixed days to structure my blogging rhythm. Until a few weeks ago I only blogged when I really felt like it and deemed that everything was perfect to be published. By announcing this new pace here I am really putting myself outside of my comfort zone. Twice a week is really the minimum as I plan to share LOTS of information with you. However this blog shouldn’t become a unique column. Therefore, depending on my mood and what I come across I’ll keep on doing what I have done the past weeks, and will share with you products, fabrics, or interiors that inspire me.

I’ll start the column with a post on the color wheel. It will include a little theory but don’t worry I’ll keep it simple. Writing about color without mentioning the color wheel simply isn’t possible. Then I’ll dedicate a post to each color starting with the primary colors, then the secondary and tertiary ones and show you pictures of monochromatic color schemes. Yes show you! What’s the point of talking about it without showing images? Then we will move on to analogous, complementary, split-complementary, diad, and tetrad color schemes as well as a few more complex ones if I find pictures to illustrate them. I told you there would be a lot. Right now that’s already close to 30 different posts. Are you planning on sticking around because this is going to take us all the way into the new year. And this is actually only the beginning. I truly look forward to sharing my insight, discussing and learning with and from you. Shoot me questions, feedback, suggestions. I love it all! Have a lovely Sunday evening.

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