Current Color Crush: Burnt Orange

What I love about my work is that I get to work with colors. “For sure you are a color consultant” would probably be your first reaction, but I kid you not, there is something truly magical about color, its versatility and the way it reinvents itself in different settings. I am so grateful that I can work with my clients on this creative process. I love that this collaboration gets me thinking about new ideas, associations or ways to use color. I love that every project dictates a new color palette different from the last one, and that it brings me so much joy each time.

Right now, the project I am working on is getting me to use slate blue and burnt orange. Orange is not really a color I have ever been drawn too but I just can’t deny that I have a current color crush on burnt orange, its warmth and sophistication. Here are a few of my favorites of the moment.

Emerald Green Interiors current color crush burnt orange

ArmchairRugFloor LampCushion

Do you have a favorite color at the moment that you didn’t think you’d like one day? I’d love to hear about it. My posts are a little shorter at the time because I am running around Madrid like a madwoman overseeing the renovation site, sourcing furniture, or planing the new kitchen. But I’ll do my best to keep up the rhythm on the blog. Have a wonderful day. It’s Thursday already. Damn, time flies when you’re busy….

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  • Four years ago I fell in love with both orange and burnt orange! Totally unexpected, I can assure you. And now, well, I think I have at least a touch of each in almost every room. With gray, navy, cream or even red…it looks great! My latest love is this shower curtain:
    We’re redoing part of our master bath, new radiant heat and tile floor and the walk in shower has a curtain. I don’t like glass doors at all. So this print is perfect. To be continued, I’ll post about it as the work gets underway!
    I’m also, can’t believe it…sort of liking blue! I am not a blue person, but it’s growing on me. You never know, do you!ReplyCancel

  • I’ve always been a kind of all colours lover so I’m really happy to discover your blog and your colours ! 🙂
    I really got a crush on this burnt orange ! Loving it !ReplyCancel

  • Dear Libby, thank you for sharing your own color crush. Can’t wait to see the result in your bathroom.
    Jeanne, it was great to meet you this weekend. Welcome on the blog. I hope you’ll find plenty of inspiration.ReplyCancel