Color Palette for our House

The days seem to run away and with two sick kids at home I don’t exactly have much time left to write blog posts. By the time I usually get to sit down it’s often already past 10 p.m. The house is slowly starting to take shape. To be honest not quite in the flesh yet, but finally at least in my head which has been on creative overload since we moved. My main questioning was how to adapt and reinvent our furniture and belongings, their colors and styles, to a different home with a very vintage and seventies vibe.

I started out with my baby’s room mood board after purchasing a few items at Ikea, but I needed something more reliable to work with. A color palette is an essential tool when you work on decorating an entire flat or house. Without a color palette you end up doing one thing in one room and a completely different one in the other and at the end of the day every single one of your rooms might end up being very nice yet they will not be related to each other. A color palette serves as the red thread to follow when making design choices and allows you to  create a flow and sense of continuity in your home.

I worked my color palette from the items we owned already (when you move you don’t throw out everything and begin with a blank slate, do you?). Our walls will probably stay quite neutral as we are renting again although I am really not excluding one or two bright pops here and there in smaller areas. I usually work with large color samples as it gives me a lot of choices and allows me to visualize the colors next to each other. In this case I used The Little Greene’s color book.

Emerald Green Interiors house palette3

Left to right and top to bottom: Marine Blue – Citrine – Yellow Pink – Inox – Grey Teal – Baked Cherry – Trumpet – Pale Lime – Ashes of Roses

My color palette includes teal, mustard and olive, two different greys, a Bordeaux red as well as a lighter red, chartreuse and bright yellow. Besides the bright yellow that will be used in the kids area all the colors are quite muted. Having the palette gives me such a clearer image of what I will be doing and how I will combine those different colors in the different areas of our home.

Have you tried to work on a color palette? You really should as it is a tremendous help.

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