Color Inspiration – Yellow, Grey & Black

Hello dear Readers, I hope you had a great weekend.

Today’s color scheme is based on the very classic white, grey, black combo. What makes it interesting is the addition of a beautiful sunny yellow as well as pattern and texture. When I saw Mrs Eliot abstract chevron art print I immediately thought of the picture of Jenna Lyons living room featured in former Domino Magazine.

Those two pictures have much more than a color scheme in common; Both of them are based on classic features: A simple chevron stripe pattern on the left, and the architectural features of a classic brownstone building with moldings in Brooklyn on the right. What makes them truly interesting though is pattern and texture. Mrs Eliot’s print is a pattern to begin with but she layers it with several layers of distressed and interrupted black stripes which create rhythm and interest. Without this work, the print wouldn’t have much interest at all. The same goes for Jenna Lyons living room: she takes a very classic room to another level by adding not only a bright yellow sofa that becomes the focal point, but also by adding texture and pattern. She layers two different black and white rugs, one with a geometric pattern and the other one being a zebra printed one, and she also adds white sheep skins onto classic black leather armchairs.

It is quite important to understand that decorating and creating interest is not done only with big means. More often than not this result is achieved by adding details, details which might not be noticeable at first but participate as much as bigger pieces to creating a cohesive look.

Have a wonderful day!

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