Color Inspiration: Navy & Golden Yellow

Today’s color inspiration is a bold and high impact one: Navy Blue and Golden Yellow. The inspiration picture (rotated for this collage) is by Marcus Westberg and ran in a competition for the cover of the January 2013 edition of Africa Geographic. It shows nature in an amazingly beautiful shot. The contrasting colors seem almost unreal yet designer Joel Bray came up with the exact same colors for the October 2010 issue of the Canadian magazine House & Home.

Joel used a rich shade of navy blue to paint both a wall and the door set into it. By doing this and using the door space as part of his gallery arrangement he creates the illusion of a much larger wall. The door literally disappears. The rich tone of the wall is a beautiful backdrop to the displayed drawing collection . The antic golden yellow silk upholstered settee brings in the luminosity the space would have missed without it. I like the fact that the antic settee is also a link to the antic gold framed portrait, which is pretty much the only non white piece of art in the wall display.

Do notice that on both pictures the amount of golden yellow compared to the navy blue is quite minimal. Those two colors being so strong, the contrast only works because one of them appears in a much smaller quantity. If they had been used in equal quantities the result would have been overpowering and not as interesting.

What do you think of this scheme? Is such a harmony something for you or do you crave a more neutral environment?

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  • I love the richness of this colour combo. It’s colour, colour, colour all the way for me. I can’t bear an all white/neutral interior. They make me anxious and restless and I find them scarily sterile. Yay for colour!ReplyCancel

  • I like the colour combo as it is a navy blue that goes together with the yellow tone, it makes it more classic and even timeless to me. Still the golden adds a quirky touch which is nice and refreshing.ReplyCancel

  • I generally crave the comfort and calm of neutrals but I have to say, that at this time of year, I am craving these bold jewel tones. Navy and gold is such a timeless and sophisticated combination, you can’t help but fall in love with it.ReplyCancel

  • I love these two colors together! I like using navy with brighter colors and accenting with gold, The warm undertones of the two really work well together. Plus there is something so luxe about deep navy walls.ReplyCancel

  • Hi Corrine! Thanks for stopping by the blog; be sure to say Hello if you see me at Maison – it would be fun to meet!

    Love this colour combo – so vibrant with that golden pop.ReplyCancel

    • Hi Will,
      Would love too but I will only be there on Tuesday and I guess you might have left by then. Anyway enjoy the fair. Can’t wait to see the new fabrics and designs
      Am certainly looking forward to see your finds on the blog 🙂