Color Inspiration: Muted Pastels

Dear Readers, I hope you had a beautiful weekend. Ours was an extended one since today was a holiday in most European countries. So a three day weekend that is extending into a week’s school holiday (yet again) for our three year old son and therefore a busy one for myself. So no lengthy post today but another take at my now regular column “Color Inspiration”.

The inspiration picture is a close-up shot of fallen leaves, which was actually taken with an iphone by artist and textile designer Karina Manarin. I was attracted to it by the delicate muted pastel colors, which I should actually be calling by their name: tones. Unlike pastel colors (colors where white has been added), tones are colors that have been added grey to it. So instead of looking just pretty and candy like, those colors look more grown-up and sophisticated. For a refresher on color theory check out the post I had written on it.

The transposition of this inspiration picture to an interior is done by layering multiple colors with the same toned down quality to it. The key as Maria Killam, a color consultant, stylist and blogger writes it, is to keep “the dirty colors with dirty colors and the clean colors with clean colors” which is a great way to sum up things. In this interior styled for, there are no less than seven colors used together, yet the result is still very soothing and relaxing. This is because all the colors blend well together instead of competing against each other. In this shoot the use of distressed furniture adds more interest to the color scheme because each color is not only layered with the others but layered on it’s own with all the nuances the distressing brings.

Does this combination inspire you or do you prefer something more graphic like the pictures I showed last week? You can see more of this photo shoot here. Have a great week!

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